Swap out PDF / Resources

Hi! We work with a vendor to produce our courses. We provide all of the PDFs, audio, and video files. We are wondering if it's possible for us to switch out an old version of a PDF with a new version of it. 

Here's how I've attempted to do it; with no success.

  1. Unzip package
  2. Locate PDF that I want to swap out. 
  3. Replace PDF with new file.
  4. Rezip the package
  5. Load into our LMS

So far I haven't been able to do this and I figure that we may need to do this by republishing in Storyline. Anyone have any luck accomplishing a simple file/PDF out?

Thanks in advance!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nathan! 

It sounds like you're working with locally saved PDFs, so I'll leave it in the hands of our community to lend a hand on making adjustments to your published output file.

In the future, you may want to consider hosting the PDFs externally and linking to a URL. That way, you can simply update the PDF on your server, and the URL link to the PDF won't change.