.swf file keeps playing if I move to another slide...

Good afternoon. I'm running into a problem with Flash content. I have Adobe Flash CS4. The output file source is .swf. I used Action Script 3.0 for a single stop(); command at the end of the frames. It is set to 30 FPS. There's no other AS involved, it's just a simple, animated set of instructions.

When I move from one slide to another, it wants to replay the previous slide's .swf file. The next slide only has audio content, no movie files. I've already tried adding a stop media trigger, when user clicks the next button and it doesn't seem to help.

I haven't come across this problem before, is there a glitch with .swf files and Storyline? Should I try outputting the Flash file into a .movie or something?

Help will be appreciated,

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Jesse Spinella

If anyone runs across this issue, I figured out that Storyline was only playing the first audio track of the .swf file. By adding a blank, single frame to the beginning of the audio track layer in Flash, it stopped the player from playing that track. I reimported the video into Storyline and everything works.