Switch from articulate360 to subscribe to monthly storyline360 only

Jul 08, 2021

I have on a trial of articulate 360. I want to subscribe to storyline360 only on a monthly plan. I tried to subscribe but it's only giving me the option to subscribe to articular 360 on an annual basis. Again, I just want storyline360 not the other apps in articular. Is there an easy way? Everything I've tried doesn't work.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Karla,

Articulate doesn't provide any of the 360 items individually. They only come as a package. And that package is only provided via an annual license. 

You can get Storyline 3 for a one-time fee. However, that version doesn't include access to the Media Library. And it doesn't include a lot of the features (like auto slide numbers) found in Storyline 360. But it does provide basic functionality, including quizzing.