synchronization video embed as swf with animation in project


I'm looking for a solution to synchronizate video embed as swf with animations built on the slide layer. As we know, swf is not progressively stream and I have problem when the user has a poor Internet. Then the video is loading but the slide layer with animation is starting independently of video. I'm trying to add to each swf file on the second frame thiscode:

import flash.external.ExternalInterface;"GetPlayer().SetVar","loading",true);

On the each screen I add the triggers:

adjust variable loading to false when base timeline is starting

show layer with animation when variable loading is changed and the variable is true

I thought that this solution should work good but I have noticed that sometimes animation is playing independently of video.

Any suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kamil,

How did you insert the SWF file? Depending on the interaction needed, there are two ways to insert your SWF.  

Here's how to decide:

  • If your SWF file is a movie that requires no interaction from users, you can use the Insert > Video > Video from File option, which synchronizes the video with the slide's timeline.
  • If your SWF file contains interactive elements, you will probably want to use the Insert > Flash option described below, which will play the SWF file independently of the slide.

I'm guessing you've used the second option since it's not synced up with the timeline. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kamil,

I'm not able to assist with the JS option, but there may be some community members who could help you out if you're able to share what you've set up. 

The video by Mike Enders using an off screen object to pause the video, based on when it appears on the timeline. He's also included a hotspot over the entire slide so that the user can't click on the video until the particular hotspot appears.