Systems Training that must be translated into multiple languages and frequently updated

I developed 3 large systems training courses very quickly with hands on simulations.  I have had to translate them into two additional languages.  Now a new country is coming on board which will make 4 languages.  I am tempted now to take the system simulation captures in Captivate due to it's ability to swap background, global resources, etc. 

Any tips to make this process easier not just for new languages but also system enhancements?  Every time the system is updated (which is often), I have to go back and update the simulations which is painful in Storyline.  Captivate makes this process a little easier in my opinion.

On top of that I feel like the hands on simulations are extensive but do not require learners to apply or demonstrate knowledge throughout. The learners only click to advance the process. The learners aren’t really practicing anything, making it hard to engage with the content.   I attribute this to the rapid fire development timeline.  

Any suggestions?  If I change to a Show Me then Try Me approach it would take a massive reworking of the content which I don't believe I have time for.


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Stephanie!

I'm happy you came to the forums with this question! We've created a support article to walk you through translating courses! 

Secondly, have you checked out the Building Better Courses discussions? They are always sharing extensive ideas in ways to create e-learning courses that keep learners engaged while still teaching valuable content. It is sure to spark ideas!

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Stephanie!

Thank you for sharing all of that valuable insight. Your description is super thorough, so I'm hopeful the community will weigh in on with their expertise and recommendations around updating!

A couple of related rich reads that I would recommend:

Good luck, and please let us know if you have any more questions!