T/F quiz question...question!

I have a single T/F quiz question that I want to allow users to answer...  the answer will take them down two different paths... when the learner reaches continues on one path, I want to send them back a few slides and allow them to answer the question again.  when i do this, the previous answer is still indicated.  while a learner can hit re-play and answer again, i don't want them to have to do this

other than re-building as a free form, any short cuts on this one? please note I'm not using a results page for this one single question  

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Bud,

I see that you don't have a results slide, but here's what I think could work so the Replay Results trigger would be available to you.

Insert a results slide into a new scene. Don't link it to your current scene, and remove it from the Player menu. No one will know it's there.

Not sure how you're sending Learners back to the T/F quiz slide, but say you're using a button:

1 trigger on the button jumps back to the T/F slide

a 2nd trigger resets the Quiz Results

  • Action: Reset
  • Results: name of results slide, e.g. 2.1 results slide
  • When: user clicks
  • Object: Button name

If this will work for you, be sure to place the "reset" trigger above the jump to slide trigger

If that doesn't work, let the community know, and perhaps another work around is available.