Tabbing issue with Pick One interactions (360)

Apr 30, 2020

Hi everyone, 

I've encountered an issue trying to tab to different buttons in Storyline 360. 

What I've done is create a Pick One slide where the user can select one of three options: Button A, Button B, and Button C. 

The interaction works fine using a mouse/trackpad. 

But when I try to tab to each individual button on this same slide, only Button A can be selected. The next time I hit tab, the "Back to top" button appears on the bottom right. Based on the Tab Order, the only objects that can be tabbed should be the three buttons. 

Has anyone else encountered this issue and figured a way to fix this? 


Update: I just checked if tabbing to individual choices works for all other question types. I found that the same issue occurs. I cannot tab to the different choices (multiple-choice, multiple responses or pick one/many). Not only that, but I can't even make a selection using the keyboard (can't select the item when you hit enter). 

I wonder if I'm the only one experiencing this... 



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Thomas and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thank you for contacting us to share what you are running into. I see that you were able to chat with Chester on our support team.

For anyone following along:

Using tab order on quiz slides behaves differently than regular slides. The group of choices on the quiz is treated as one tab. When you cycle through the slide objects using the tab key, and it reaches the group of choices, you can use the arrow keys to select an answer before pressing the Enter key to accept it.

We optimized navigation for learners with accessibility needs so it's similar to other web content, making it a familiar experience. Here's how screen reader users and keyboard-only users navigate multiple-choice questions and interactions in Storyline 360.

Luke Farmer

Hi Leslie

Thank you for that information. I have recently upgraded my Storyline and noticed this change.
Whilst it may be a familiar experience for some users with accessibility needs, it is not for all.

This represents a significant change from how all of my courses are currently designed. I offer people three options to navigate; Mouse, Tab, and Custom Arrow Key navigation. This change is going to cause a great deal of confusion as all of my courses share the same consistent navigational options.

Is there a way to disable this feature? Or do I need to revert to the previous version of Storyline 360? I've managed to get round it by removing freeform from slides and building a completely custom slide, however I have question banks with 400+ questions and am not going to be able to do that for every slide.

Your help will be much appreciated as I am due to be launching a new all staff regulatory module on Tuesday so time is of the essence.


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