Tabs Interaction

Jul 22, 2020

How to create a trigger to prevent the student from clicking on the tab, before they finish listening or audio from the base layer?


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Carlos Manaloto

Hi Andreia, you can try to make the initial state of the object to Disable on the States tab.

Afterward, create a trigger that will change the state of the object from disabled to normal. when the selected media completes.

This will make any selected object to be interactive once the video/audio file finished playing 

Andréia Ribeiro

Hi, Carlo. Thanks!

In this case, I need a lock between the tabs. When the student starts the slide the audio starts together, but if he changes from the base slide to the following tabs, the audio continues to play and gets in the way. So, a condition for the next button and forward does not work. I need something that blocks the passage between the tabs or compels the student to click on something until the audio ends.

Andréia Ribeiro

Hi Elizabeth!  My doubt is how to lock the slide passage inside a tab. Because the audio of the first slide (base layer) does not stop playing when switching from one tab to another. Putting the lock on the forward button does not work, because the tab does not use this button.



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