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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bronwyn,

In Storyline, you can track one quiz result slide or the average score of multiple results slides. 

Were you planning on sending the result of either quiz to the LMS? You may be able to adjust the average passing score to make this work. Hopefully another community member who has used a similar set-up can share their tips with you!

Bronwyn Botts

Thanks so much for the reply, Alyssa!

I do need to send the result to the LMS.  I saw another post that said tracking multiple scores is not supported by this program.  I don't want to waste the user's time by having them take a second quiz if they failed the first when their second score isn't going to matter anyway.

What is the typical solution for a failed quiz?  I am thinking the best thing would be to go back through the course and/or take the quiz again (maybe just with the answer choices shuffled around).  

Any thoughts?  Help?