TalkBack screen reader reading the text two or three times.

Mar 10, 2022

When i checked by using Android tab the on screen text element is read two or three times by the "TalkBack" screen reader. Is there any solution to this error?

I was checked before and after upgrade the text.

I observed there are two focus came. By using keyboard shortcut(Alt + right arrow or Alt + left arrow). While changing the focus to next or previous element one is external and one is internal div element may be. The external focus is reading two times and the internal focus is reading one time by the screen reader.

Please check the attached two screen shots for that two types of focuses reference.

Please give me the solution for this type of error as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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Eswarkumar Kantheti

I am using storyline only. I checked in android tab with chrome browser with talk back screen reader. When i give any plain modren text the screen reader is reading multiple times. If i use any trigger to that text box the screen reader is reading one time only. But at the end it is reading button (like suffix). Please help me to this issue. I am wating for your replay.