Team Slides vs. My Templates

Hi everyone,

we are starting a project with several courses, working with several developers. I`m in charge of setting up the example and intructing the other developers. I created some slides whcih should be always used (Intro and end) and some slides which might be used (e.g. a specific drag&drop interaction) and some slides which contain buttons & icons which we use throughout the courses.

I just discovered "team slides" and now I`m not sure anymore which way is the best to share these things I prepared.

- Should I safe them as a template and share the template with my team or

- should I safe them as team slides

- or should I create a .story file with the described slides and let my team members copy it each team (this way I can also set the size and the color-theme already)


Thank you for your input!

Best regards,


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hey Marlene, that's an excellent question!

Really, it comes down to personal preference.

When you use a .storytemplate file, that template will be saved under My Templates. You can then go to My Templates any time in the future to use that template again. Essentially, this will help you keep your template files organized. You may have a similar organizational method for your Storyline files, too!

Team Slides functions in the same way, except you won't need to email files to anyone on your Articulate 360 team. As soon as you upload slides to Team Slides, anyone on your team can access them from their instance of Storyline. 

Overall, you have quite a few options when it comes to collaborating and sharing projects, so choose the method that works best for you!

Karen Polik

I have a related question. With team slides, it looks like you download the entire storyline file vs. picking and choosing which slides you want, as you do with the My Templates method. Is that correct? So if I upload my team's template to team slides, and it contains 50 slides, they must download the entire file each time they want to insert any of the slides. If that's the case, I'm leaning toward asking our team to save the template files to their templates folder, and using team slides for single interaction type slides we want to share among the team. I'm curious to hear how others have decided when to use which approach. 


Katie Riggio

Hello there, Karen. Another excellent question!

I'd love to show you and clarify how the process of importing content with Team Slides and My Templates works in Storyline 360: Check out this short video I recorded for you!

When using Team Slides in Project view and on Storyline 360's opening page: You can only select one project at a time where all of the slides in that project get inserted into a course.

In Slides view: You can select as many slides as you need. Simply hold down the Ctrl key or Shift key as you click slide thumbnails.

Let me know if that helps, and I can't wait to hear more about how folks collaborate on projects! 😀

Nyasha Kapfumvuti


Thank you for the helpful responses here. Answered most of my questions about Team Slides. I just have one related to making changes to projects after creation: Can changes to team slides be updated, and does the update trickle down into the project where they are used?


I know this works with themes, but I wanted to get a sense of whether this happens to Team Slides already in use as well.






Vincent Scoma

Hi Nyasha,

When working on team slides, all team members can do some tasks while only the original content owner can do others. If you are adding slides to an existing course created by another author, you can only replace slides that you have shared. You can’t replace slides shared by other team members.

If you need to make updates to slides you have created/shared, this article walks you through that process: Sharing Slides with Your Team