Technical strategy question - help with modules/LMS options

I have a question based on our strategy for technical implementation of a suite of learning modules. Apologies in advance for a long post, this is difficult to describe.

The complete product is a suite of learning modules for a client. The are destined to be loaded into the client's Sum Total LMS. As staff take them the company will want to report on module completion.

Something that the client has already bought into is a highly visual circle graphic that is to act as an interface to access any of the modules. This may be created in Storyline or as a web page, but essentially it will need to use jump-to triggers or hyperlinks to get to various modules.

I have set out two possible scenarios for how the implementation of the suite should be planned, and made some assumptions. I would be grateful for any advice on whether I am correct, and any other advice!  Thanks in advance.

Scenario 1

Each learning module is created as a separate course in the LMS. I'm guessing that this is only way that the client can get reports on which modules have/have not been completed by particular users? Problem as I see it: will a hyperlink built into the graphical access system (as described above) be able to jump straight into the chosen module, or will users only be able to enter a module from the LMS's course menu?

Scenario 2

The whole suite is created as one Storyline project. With this option, jumping to any of the modules from the graphical access system is easy. Problem as I see it: the reporting available may only be 'percent completed' and not 'module completion'.

Again, thanks for any advice.


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