Tell LMS to go to different page upon course exit.

Dec 11, 2013

Hi all have had this query fire back from a client who we've made a storyline course for:


Upon course exit (clicking the exit button within the player), they would like the LMS’s page (which is open in the background from when they clicked to launch the course) to go from ‘page a’ to ‘page b’. I’m a little unsure how to go about doing this.


An example of what they would like:



  1. User logs into their LMS
  2. Launches course which opens in a pop up window
  3. Completes course
  4. Closes the course, using built in exit button as opposed to simply closing the window.
  5. LMS page which is open in the background changes from launch course page to another page.

How do I go about telling the LMS to change page? The LMS my client’s using is Totara which is apparently built upon Moodle. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stephen,

There is functionality within Storyline to direct the user to a particular web page when they exit the course, but this may not close the current LMS window as you'd like. 

I hope there are some Totara users able to assist you here. Have you already checked in with the Totara team to see if they had an approved method to do so? 

Dan Marsden

Hi Stephen - what they are probably looking for is this:

when a SCORM from a pop-up closes in Moodle they see the page that "launched" the pop-up which hasn't been updated with completion status or grading information from their attempt - what really needs to happen is that the parent window that Launches the pop-up should refresh when a user exits the SCORM - I've had a few people ask me for an estimate to fix that bug but no-one has come up with the funds yet. If you had time to write a patch that did the work and added it to the tracker issue that would be awesome! - The Moodle Quiz module has some code that does this that we might be able to borrow/re-purpose but I haven't looked - any new code we add should be using YUI3

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