Templates disappeared after update

I recently updated my Storyline to the latest version.  I usually create my own slides based on prior course layouts, however I wanted to use a template for one and discovered - all the templates that came with my original SL install ARE GONE!    Instead, there is a rude note saying "Download free templates... Get free Storyline templates from the community at E-Learning Heroes."  

Where did all my other templates go?  I really really really don't want to (and don't have the time to) hunt down all the templates I had and download and figure out how to connect them to my SL again.  


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Diane Smith

There is no dropdown menu in my Templates tab (see below). 

No, I haven't run a repair, in fear that it would cause more problems.  When I attempt to repair, using the instructions posted on the link you provided, there is no option to Repair, only Add/Remove, Reinstall, or Remove All.