Tempshare - Generational Diversity

Feb 26, 2013

Hey gang,

I would love any all feedback on this if you have time. It is a rough draft and you'll notice I haven't purchased the rights to the pictures yet. Furthermore, I will be redoing some re-recording. Regardless, I'd love to have any recommendations and criticism.


Please email me at chris@extremeEDvantage.com

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David Anderson

Hey Chris,

First off, thanks so much for sharing your project with the community.

You have a lot of fun and creative things going on in your course that really work with your content.

General likes:

Diverse screen designs and presentation techniques. You mixed things up a lot which helped the course feel fresh and fast-moving.

Generations chapter - Really like the start page with the collage menu for each generation. Also thought the music and designs for each generation were well done. Also liked your use of video and photo cutouts of yourself. Nice touch and added a pleasant contrast to the stock photos.

Areas to focus on:

While the slide design/presentation differences worked, your core graphic elements felt disjointed and incoherent at times. Callouts, captions, buttons, fonts should probably be standardized... I can help with that if you're interested.

Player navigation and on-screen navigation - I'd add some standard controls to make it clearer when and how learners can leave a slide or return to a menu slide. Since some of your slides appear to load content on layers, I'd want to see some way for learners to use the seekbar. You can enable that via slide layer properties.

Suggestion: include a back button to return to the menu. I know the Previous button was wired up to return me to the menu, but I would expect some on-screen element to link me back to the menu.

Millenial slide w/iPad: The iPad didn't let me close or minimize the iPad.

This is a fun project, Chris. Again, thank you for sharing with the community!

Audrey Kumi

Hi Chris,

Good job, I love the interactivity in your course. It really gets you going.

A few things I noticed - , there seems to be a lot going on on some of your slides, (E.g. Introduction - I would choose a different image for the intro page as well. had a hard time trying to make the connection between the image and the course title).

Try minimizing font sizes, avoid filling up the screen/slides with too many pictures etc, space (white space) improves the aesthetic quality of a course. Sometimes less is more efficient.

Try to use more contrasting colors so that the text does not fade into the background. Some texts are not visible and that is because of  the colors you chose.

Great job though! Thanks for sharing!

Alan Landers

Hi Chris,

First, I did learn some things that I didn't know.  That's important and the bottom line.  I liked your images, the narration, and your choice of music.  They seemed appropriate and reinforced what you were saying. 

Somethings you may want to think about: 1) improving the transitions between topics so there is more of a flow, 2) adding a variety of interactions: I felt like I was answering questions and listening, and 3) improve the navigation so it's easier to move from one topic to another.

It would be nice to see the final version.  I'm also open to sharing more one-on-one.  You can call if you'd like 619 397-0275.

Tks for sharing.

Chris Langlois

Thank you everyone for your words of wisdom and advice!

@ David -I would love it if you could help me with the captions and call outs.

@Audrey - thank you for sharing your concerns with the first slide. After looking back at it, I agree!

@Alan - gad you learned something! What would you recommend to increase the flow with transitions?

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