Test/compare previously entered variable -

I'm trying to figure out a way to "quiz" the user on something they've already told me in a variable. This is an attempt to verify the identity of the user at the beginning and the end of a course. The goal is to have the user enter the last 4 digits of their SSN into a text box, and then have them enter their last 4 again at the end--if they don't match, it won't let them continue to the graded quiz.

Is this possible with Sotryline? I've created my variable to collect their last 4, but I can't seem to find a way to have them enter it again in a text entry field or quiz question for Storyline to compare and give feedback/allow them to continue to the quiz.

Also, if anyone has another other thoughts on how to deter/prevent cheating on an online-only course, please feel free to advise! Thank you!

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Mike Enders


What if you add a 2nd variable.  Then, on the final slide, have them reenter and hit a submit button (that you create).  Then add a trigger to the submit button that will evaluate the two.

So, perhaps you have a layer with "You're not who you say you are, you Imposter!" type of information.  This layer will be shown when the user clicks the submit button if variable 1 is not equal to variable 2.


Brian Fieg

Perfect! That works! I blame not being a programmer for failing to figure it out myself.

I know this is an entirely different subject, but it has to do with this user verification I'm trying to set up: Is it even remotely possible for the course to somehow import the user's real SSN from the LMS as a variable to be checked by Storyline before they move past the first slide? Can there be any sort of input coming from the LMS (in the user's profile) that can be used inside the course? Ask my LMS developer, right?