Text Box Sizing on an Object State

Nov 07, 2013

I have had some issues with text boxes resizing. When I create the file, everything will look fine including in preview mode. However, when my colleagues open the file and preview the slide, the text boxes will be resized so the text overflows. A similar issues has occured with objects which change from a hidden state to normal.

Additionally, when my colleagues go into the object state and edit the state, the problem will correct itself with no changes being made (i.e. they can then preview the slide just fine).

Anybody have this kind of problem occurring? Any ideas or solutions? Thank you very much.

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Richard Knudson

Thanks Donna. I am having a slightly different issue as it is not the text which is changing location in the text box. When I check my own work, everythning functions correctly. However, my colleagues will review the work and then the text box or object has completly resized.

I appreciate your suggestion as it is a good reminder to have your screen setting correct before reviewing your work.

Richard Knudson

Hi Ashley,

The file is stored on a shared drive when my colleagues access it for review. I do tend to work out of the shared drive, so I can try to edit it locally and only store it on the shared drive.

In response to Donna, the file is not published when my colleagues review. They have Articulate Storyline as well so they open the .story file and review.

Thank you both for the responses. I will see if the issue comes from working off the network drive.

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