Text Boxes, States, and the Timeline

Sep 12, 2017

Hi all,

I'm trying to sync state changes for a text box object to a timeline. Think words changing on a blackboard as audio plays. I have triggers set up to change the state of the text box when the timeline reaches certain cue points. However, when I preview the slide, the text doesn't show up at all. Any idea what might be the issue? I'm using Storyline 360. Thanks!

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Brian Allen

Hey Will,

If you're able to share your .story file it would help troubleshoot your specific problem.

There are a few ways to tackle this. I've attached a .story file that syncs states in a text box with cue points on the timeline, but I could have easily have done the same thing without using the cue points.

I generally use cue points because they're easy to add via key stroke as I'm listening to audio and I can easily sync state changes with my audio narration.

Hope this helps

Will Sisskind


Thanks for the quick response. I've attached my .story file to this post. I'll take a look at yours and see what I can glean from it.

I've also used cue points to try and sync up the sound, but for some reason the text box object doesn't seem to want to agree with any of the triggers. Let me know what you can make of it.


Brian Allen

There's something weird with the text box. I'm not able to select it in the slide area, I have to select it in the timeline to see the states. Seems like maybe the "normal" state is corrupted or something.

I've set the starting state for the text box to "1", and it works as expected.

I would recommend with these types of text boxes that, rather than having an empty normal state, that you set the initial state to "hidden" if necessary and then change from hidden to whatever the first state is, normal, 1, etc.

Hope this helps,


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