Text disappearing from 3 of 4 objects when user scrolls over link

Aug 22, 2013


This is my first time posting to the forum and I really appreciate any advice anybody can provide. I've uploaded the problem slide here. 

This is a slide with a base layer and then four additional layers, each containing one object (a thought-bubble). The user clicks an object on the base layer to trigger each additional layer. 

Each thought bubble contains text. Part of the text contains an embedded link.

For three of the four thought bubbles, when the bubble appears and the user rolls the cursor over the link-embedded text, the rest of the text disappears (or changes to white, I can't tell). 

I can't see any setting differences that could cause this. I've tried copying and pasting the text from the unaffected layer onto the affected layers, and this has't helped. I've tried copying and pasting the the unaffected thought bubble into the affected layers, but the problem persists. I've tried switching computers and the problem persists. I've tried copying and pasting this single slide into an entirely new project, and in the new project, the problem is solved. But how do I solve it within the current project?

There must be something I haven't thought of! Thank you!!



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Abhinav Chauhan

Hey , 

I recently started using Articulate . and had a problem . Please don't laugh if anyone think that my question is stupid .

My question is when adding scroll bar  in articulate  ,  the scroll bar is only scrolling horizontally and not vertically  . Is this normal or is this the limitation in scroll bar ????

hope some one will clarify the doubt .

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Abhinav and welcome to Heroes! 

This is the place to ask questions, so no need to worry about asking "silly" questions! 

You should be able to make a scroll bar in either directions (and interestingly enough another forum thread was asking for the opposite this morning!). You'll want to follow the directions here to insert a scroll panel. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Abhinav, 

I'm not certain if that was created in Storyline, although it certainly could have been but this would be a bit more advanced to set up, especially since they're using their own custom characters. You may also want to start reading the Community blogs included on this page, as all the examples our team share include the .story files so that you can use their files to test and start learning more about how to set those up. 

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