Text Entry ala Captivate

For the systems training elearning I'm developing, I have a scenario in which the learner is required to type in their actual userid and password to log into the system. In Captivate, if you are entering a password into the text entry field, you have the option of showing asterisks so that the password doesn't actually show up on the screen. I can't seem to recreate that in SL.Is there a way to do this? I hope so!

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Eileen Mrowka

Hi Peter! Here's what I'm trying to do. I'm using screen captures and using text entry boxes to mimic the real log-in experience. The text boxes are for the username and password. When the learner enters their password into the text box, I was hoping there would be a way to have what the user is entering turn into asterisks as they type (like password masking). You can do this in Captivate and I was hoping this feature was in Storyline too. 

I prefer to create the interaction this way versus doing a slide-by-slide screen recording using the try or test mode. By doing it this way, the learner is actually entering their own userid and password and mimicking the real world.