Text Entry boxes not being created automatically in screen recordings

Hi All. When I record a series of steps that include entering text in a form field, SL 2 does not create a text entry box within the recording. Inserting the recording in Test Mode gets me a hotspot, which is fine if I only want the learner to click, but I need them to type something.

I'm working around this by inserting a freeform text entry slide, and pasting a screenshot into the background. I'm still a bit new to SL, shouldn't it automatically generate a TEB if I type text while I'm recording?

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Chris Petrizzo

Thanks Ashley. I have been entering text in a web form that is right in the middle of the recording area. 

Based on your response, I assumed the TEB should be added, so I did some more testing, and it appears the problem could have something to do with Google Chrome. I tried doing some recordings in Word, Outlook, and Internet Explorer, and SL generally included the TEBs where it should - though it was still a little inconsistent. I also was occasionally able to get a TEB in Chrome. So my perception is this functionality may be a bit buggy, bet less so if I record web forms using IE.