Text entry, drop down and select sequence

Nov 09, 2019

Hi there, 

I'm using SL3 and I want to create a country list.

When the user type their country name, a drop down list of the country list will appear and finally they will select their country.

I have gone through some of the Q&A in the discussion group. Only discuss on drop down list but never talk about the above sequence. 

How can I do it?


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Jeff Forrer
irven Lim

hi jeff,

Thanks for the reply.

Not exactly what I wanted. This is a drop down, which i have found on the discussion.

Before the drop down, I want to type say 'Italy'. The moment I type the letter "I", a list of countries with the letter "I" being listed - e.g Iceland, Italy, Ireland etc. Then I will scroll to 'Italy' and select. 


Jeff Forrer

Have to head out for the day, here is the file. 

Lmk if you have questions, I will try to respond later today on my return. 

  1. All options are in layers on a text field (dd_1 1) as part of a group on the main timeline.  You would need to put all your countries in there and name them so you can refer to them from the timeline.
  2. Triggers on the main timeline change the state of the field which shows the country you want based on a keypress.
  3. The "change" layer makes it so the text field resets after an entry.

I was working on getting up/down arrows to work as well.  It is a work in progress, but hopefully you can adapt it for what you need.


Good luck.