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Hallo - I've been trying to find or think up a workaround for this but I can't! Can anybody help?

I have a text entry field that I want users to complete - they can write anything at all, but it must contain specific words (let's say, for example; "Specific Words"!).

I don't want them to be limited to writing 'Specific Words' (although they would still pass if they did) - I want to encourage them to write more, but be judged correctly if 'Specific Words' is included in the text.

Is there any way I could do this?

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Jerry Beaucaire

Attached is an example of how I solved this on one question.   

  1. The slide is just a multiple choice.   I will actually set the answer to correct or wrong based on what they do in the fake interaction... see next.
  2. There is an extra layer in this question where the interaction actually occurs.  Here there is a textentry box and javascript that examines the user's input when they submit it.

    In my javascript I check for the word "Plug" or the word "blind", if either word is anywhere in the typed response, the script then changes the multiple choice on the base layer to the correct answer.

    Check it out.