Text from base layer showing up on all layers

I have marked "hide objects on base layer." 

I have made sure that the eye is closed on every object from the base layer.

I have no idea why this text is still showing up on different layers.

It worked fine until I added a fade in by first line paragraph animation to the text on the base layer.  But I went to the slide layers and closed the eyes on the next text boxes as well.  I just don't get it.

I can't upload the .story to show you, I'm sorry.  I know it's hard to figure out problems without being able to see them for yourself, but if anyone could figure this out, I'd be super grateful.

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Jesse Spinella

Hello Ashley,

Do you have a trigger that's calling up something from the base layer? Sometimes even if the hide objects on base layer and the eye is closed on every object, it'll recall the object on the new layer because of a trigger. Check to see if you're telling Storyline to do something to a base layer object in the trigger pane on the layer you're working on. 


Ashley W

Christine Hendrickson said:

Hi Ashley,

This sounds like an issue we've been working with. One workaround to this would be to change the "First Level Paragraph" to "All At Once". However, there are some other fixes you can try. Take a look at this support article on the topic and let me know if it helps.


Oh, just noticed this.  Thank you, I'll try that
Jesse Spinella

Instead of a visited state, can you create a true false variable instead? So, that way, you're not calling attention to the base layer.

If you put a true false variable, set its initial state to false on each of the next buttons to switch to true, you can then set a condition on the second next button that brings up continue. 

So, set next 1 to true when user clicks first next button. Set next 2 to true when user clicks second next button. When user clicks second next button, create a condition to show layer continue when both next 1 and next 2 are true.

I've attached an example,