Text Hightlighing height inconsistent/too deep

Jan 21, 2020

I like to highlight keywords in bullets like so:

Highlighted words version 1

But when two highlighted words are above each other in new paragraphs, like "Issuers" and "Acquirers" are here, the text highlight on the top word extends down to merge with the next paragraph -- there is no leading between them.

A workaround is to put a soft return after each paragraph, however by doing that I can't tighten up the space between paragraphs as I would like.


Another work around would be to make each paragraph a separate text block.  But I'd rather not,  if there was some other way to keep the depth of the text highlight uniform.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Mark!

Thanks for taking the time to share those workarounds!

You're correct the highlighted text does blend if there isn't an extra line below each paragraph. You've listed all the ways to avoid this such as click "return" to add an additional space or add separate text boxes. 

I haven't seen this topic discussed in the Community but I'm eager to hear other workarounds!

Carol Dungan

To accomplish this, I have sometimes edited the normal state of text and pasted shapes behind the text that looks like highlighting. It would be a bit time-consuming in a lot of places, but for a smaller applications, it works. To do this:

  • Create and position the "highlight" shapes on the timeline over the text you want highlighted
  • Group and cut them
  • Open "edit states"
  • Select the normal state
  • Paste the shapes using the "paste in place" shortcut (option d?)
  • Right-click and send the grouped shapes to back.
  • Close edit states and voila.

CONS: if your text changes the state will not move the shapes to match, you'll have to redo it.

The normal state can be edited like any other state, especially helpful when you have a grouped graphic that needs to be triggered. I do it a lot and it's made my life so much easier.