Text keeps resizing on button hover

Sep 18, 2014

Hi All

I'm having an issue with a course i've started to put together, i'm hoping someone can help me with.

I have a number of buttons (shapes with text) on the slide master, each has a hover state on it which is basically the same item nudged up a few pixels.

In the states the text on each button is the same size however when previewed or published the text changes size on the hover state.

Initially i thought it was me so started again and recreated them but i get exactly the same issue each time.

Has anyone got any idea whats wrong please?

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Greg Faust

Hi, Nick, welcome to elearning Heroes.

It took a bit of playing around, but I think I've got this one figured out.

Storyline has a few hard-wired states-- states that automatically do certain things. For example, a state called "Hidden" is *always* invisible. "Hover" is one such state. It seems like, by calling your state "Hover", you got Storyline to shrink the text automatically.

I was able to eliminate the problem by:

  • Duplicating the "Hover" state (I called the new state "NotCalledHover").

  • Editing the trigger for that tab to replace the state "Hover" with the state "NotCalledHover".

  • Deleting the Hover state.

Let me know if that works out for you.

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