Text Shrinks when Variable Used


In Storyline, when the text box has a variable to display and the text box is smaller than the actual text it's supposed to show in real time, the text is resized to fit the box. This results in a disaster :)

Basically, the text box ignores the Do not autofit setting if the text box is smaller AND the content is a variable. Any workaround or fix on this? Storyline 360. The beauty of Storyline is using variables, so we don't have to create hundreds of slides, so this is pretty important. Anyone had success tackling this?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Zsolt,

Within Storyline (any version) the variables referenced and the text entry are not dynamic and won't update the overall text box size based on what you typed. It's designed to shrink the text to fit within the text box so you'll want to adjust the text box to display the largest amount of text possible. 

I'd love for you to share more ideas and examples of how this is impacting your work. Can you send that along to our Product team as a Feature requests here?