Text to Speech and Closed Captioning text readout

Feb 14, 2019

I am using Text to Speech and have Closed Captioning enabled in the dialog box.

The issue I am encountering is, that quite often I have to either...

1. Modify the text to make it sound right (as some words are industry-specific terms), and/or

2.  Insert extra pause by using a combination of commas (,) and/or adding extra breaks using the Enter key.

Once I have the text sounding just right, I encounter the issue of Closed Caption displaying all the modifications made in the text to speech (such as misspelled words to make them sound right and extra commas, etc.) as part of the Closed Caption text display.

Aside from putting the text in Notes area (which does not display as a Closed Caption display would), is there a workaround to the above issue I am encountering. Thank you.

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Nom.  It sounds like you're using these tips for controlling the pronunciation of your text-to-speech.  You may have to make some edits to your captions for extra commas or pauses in your text.

In the meantime, we are tracking a feature request for more editing options in the text-to-speech output, so I'm going to include this discussion so we can update you with any changes!

Nom de Guerre -

Hi Crystal,

Thank you for your prompt response. I'll play around with your recommendations and hopefully, find a solution that is acceptable to implement. 

On a side note, absolutely love Articulate support. This is the biggest reason you know the other company (Adobe or as I refer to them as Anywho) will never even come close as a distant 2nd to Articulate.

Thank you again for your assistance.

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