Text-to-Speech Highlighting Words

Jan 26, 2023

I've read through different forums that text-to-speech is currently not available in Rise, but there's a workaround in Storyline with adding audio files. 

Is there another option in Storyline to have words or passages highlighted when it's being read specifically? Something similar to Google's extension, Read&Write?

Thank you for your help!

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John Morgan

Hi Alisia,

It sounds like you want to add an audio file and pull the text from the audio file. If that is the case, that feature isn't available in Storyline 360.

That is also the case for highlighting text as it is read.

Here is an article talking about the things you can do with Text-to-Speech.

If you'd like to possibly see those features added to Storyline 360, submit a feature request. You can do that here. If the request makes it onto our feature roadmap, we’ll update you in this conversation!

Thanks for reaching out!