Text Variable will not update in reference until I go to a third slide.

Hello valued community. I have another issue that I cannot figure out.


I am working on a demo of Storyline 2 and trying to learn some of the ins and out of the program. I have a demo of branching slides that are being scored based on how the learner answers. I have created two number variables called "Score" and "TotalScore" When the learner answers a question incorrectly, I have Storyline subtract points from Score, and add points to Score when they answer correctly. I then feed those number into TotalScore and display that for the learner. Each answer takes the learner to a new slide for the result, and any incorrect answers take the learner back to the main page to select again.


All of that is working fine. The problem is that it will not update the TotalScore until the learner returns to the main question screen to select a new answer. I want the score to update on the page that is displayed when the user makes a choice. I will attach screen shots so that you can see what I am trying to create.


Image 0 is the branch layout, the other three are the succession from choosing, then being taken to the incorrect screen, and then back to the selection page where the score has finally updated. I want the score to instantly update on Image 2 and not wait until Image 3.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Adam, glad that worked how you wanted it to.

Your issue : Text Variable will not update in reference until I go to a third slide.

You had set the trigger on slide 1.2  Add Score to TotalScore when timeline starts on slide 1.2

...so because you weren't making the change to the TotalScore variable until slide 1.2 timeline started is why it wasn't showing on the slide you were on e.g. 1.3, 1.4 or 1.5 it was waiting to get back to slide 1.2

Hope that makes sense.