Thanks for adding the video captions feature!

Mar 07, 2017

I'm stoked that we can add captions to videos now! I noticed there is a tutorial on YouTube for it.

BTW, a great way I've found for transcribing and creating a captions file is using YouTube's captioning tools. I use this method:

  1. Upload a video to YouTube as a private video.
  2. Go to the YouTube Creator Studio
  3. Find your video and next to it click Edit > Subtitles/CC
  4. Click Add new subtitles or CC > English
  5. Click Transcribe and auto-sync
  6. Then at this point YouTube makes it easier to transcribe the video by playing the video for you and pausing when you type. When you are done it will autoset the timings (which is a huge timesaver), which you can then tweak.
  7. Click the button for your draft, and then from the Actions menu you can export it to .vtt, .srt, or .sbv file formats (I guess it doesn't matter since Storyline will accept all three). 
  8. Delete your video from YouTube if you don't want it hanging out there.



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