the export makes my story higher?!

Jun 19, 2014

Hey guys,

I've made some modules these past few months. And so far so good. But in Module 5 I noticed that there is a problem.

My story's dimensions are 940 x 700. In the normal output the size would be 960 x 720 cause of the margins. But in modules 5 to 7 the output size is 960 x 771.

Does somebody know how this is possible and how to solve it??

I suspect the lightbox function.. but why would the lightbox in scene 2 make my project higher?



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Andrew Gee

Hi Bram,

I am keen to have a look at this as I have made courses with many lightboxes as well as large video files and images on base slides as well as layers and different story sizes.

Curious as to why this is happening as I have not had this issue.

Are you able to upload the Modules 5-7 in question (I assume these are slides you are referring to).



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