The mysterious case of the vanishing text......

Feb 01, 2018

Hi all, I've submitted this as a case to Articulate, but wondered if anyone on the forums here has had similar issues, or knows where I may be having problems...

I'm having problems with text in buttons not showing. It's very weird. The button has text which is not hidden or anything, and shows when looking at the slide, but, when previewed, the text isn't showing. Also, if published out to Articulate Review, you can see the text on the thumbnail,


but when you run it, the text isn't there.

and when it

I'll attach the slide, which I've exported from the whole story into it's own, and here's a link to the file on the Articulate Review site.

It's not the first time it's happened, and I've managed to sort it by hook or by crook, by either deleting the button and starting again, importing it from elsewhere or fudging it, which I did on the 2nd button on this slide. It's ridiculous though, and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why it's happening.

As always, I'm very appreciative of any help received! 



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Katie Riggio

Good instinct to reach out here as well, Paul!

I took a look at your case with Abel, and it looks like this irregular behavior is caused by working from a network drive.

We can appreciate that your organization's default for saving will always go to the network drive – so I'm curious to see what Abel will suggest next, and if anyone in the community has any workarounds to offer.

I'll follow your case and thread along!

Paul Williams

I think the only thing he's able to do is submit a feature request for the option to change default save locations in Storyline. Our 'My documents' folders are all networked based which is great if we're working in different locations in the trust, as our stuff follows us around, but doesn't ever send anything to C. 

I'm sort of surprised that it's a latency issue though, I've got a 1tb connection apparently, and a quick speed test shows download speeds of 310.1Mbps, and upload speeds of 791.99Mbps and I don't really understand how those sort of speeds aren't quick enough. Mind you, I'm no expert, so I'm sure there are factors I haven't considered.

Katie Riggio

Thanks for sharing this, Paul.

We appreciate you working with Abel, as he searched diligently to find a solution for you. As Abel mentioned in the case, we welcome all ideas – and here's how we manage feature requests. We'll be sure to let you when/if this change default becomes available.

Please feel free to reach back out here in the community or to our Support Engineers if you have any more questions!

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