The Professor's Back

Dec 28, 2020

An image of a cartoom professor and some shuffled cards

Last year Professor Mindbender amused you with his ability to identify a number you were thinking of (see: He tells me that over this year he's perfected a more complex trick; he'll not only identify a card you're thinking of, he'll then allow you to select it at random from a down-turned deck (see:

The Professor doesn't like revealing his magic too easily. But he does allow me to say that the number sequence he used last year underpins this year's magic (think giving each card a number from 1- 52 and using a variable to calculate the number of the final card to be selected). The explanation below might help.

So long as the right number/card is on each choice slide it doesn't matter how they're laid out. In fact the more out of sequence your number to card conversion, and the more 'shuffled' they are on the slide, the better the illusion.

He wouldn't reveal how he does the last part where you'll select the card you were thinking of from a down-turned deck. But I'm pretty sure it has something to do with how the 'selectedCard' variable is used with a trigger. Rather cheekily, the Professor doesn't allow the other cards to be overturned!!

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