The ungroup shortcut keys no longer work in Storyline 360

Since updating to the newest version of Storyline 360 on Oct 30th, for some reason Ctrl+Shift+G no longer ungroups for me.  I tend to create and uncreate a lot of groups when designing and moving things around, so this shortcut is a huge time saver.   I can still right click and ungroup, but the shortcut keys are faster for me.  Anybody else having this problem? 


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing the details about what you are experiencing when working on your project.

I just tested this functionality, learned a new shortcut too, and it seems to be working for me.

I'm in Storyline 360 in Windows 10.

I'd recommend a repair of your software to get you back to good :)

Jamie Wenzel

Hi Leslie,

I have attached a simple .story file where I can't ungroup the two shapes using Ctrl+Shift+G.  I can still group using Ctrl+G though.  Again, this problem didn't happen until I upgraded to: v3.21.17083.0.  I am running a windows 10 64bit operating system on 5 month old Dell laptop that has an Intel i7 core 2.90GHZ with 16GB of Ram. 

Please let me know if you need anything else to troubleshoot the issue.  I would prefer not to revert back to the old version of 360 because I need the conditional seekbar that was just released.  



Jamie Wenzel

Thanks for letting me know Ronnie!  I thought I was the only one experiencing the frustration of this, and I didn't realize it wasn't working in other programs as well.  I tried Illustrator, and experienced the same problem.   I wonder what could be causing this issue in programs from two different vendors.  I will update this post if I find the cause of the problem or a solution.  

Jamie Wenzel

I updated to the most recent version of Articulate 360, and the problem vanished for me, both in Articulate and Adobe In-design.  I did do a full uninstall and reinstall.   I never was able to update my Windows because my IT department wasn't ready to deploy that version yet.  Maybe it was a coincidence that I updated Articulate, but I am just happy it is now fixed.