Themes not applying to slide masters

We are experiencing an issue where when editing slide masters some of the changes that we make are not applying. We are seeing this especially with themes and slide background. We select the slide master and then choose the theme or background we would like to apply.

On the first attempt Storyline created a new set of slide masters and applied the theme to the new set, leaving the first set unchanged. On the second attempt, it showed the theme applied to the stage, but didn't actually apply the theme to the masters. Once you click away from the stage to another master or sub-master the stage then resets back to the original theme/background.

Note: Two machines are running Storyline via Windows Server 2008 virtual machine and are pre-update 4. One machine is installed locally and is running the Storyline trial version of update 4 on Windows 8.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Meg,

The first item to note, is that Storyline is not supported in a server environment as described here, but since you also mentioned that on a second machine you are running Storyline locally and using the update 4 version it seems that this may not be the issue you're experiencing. When using themes and applying those to your slide master you'll want to set those all up first before adding any content, and if the locally installed version of Storyline continues to behave oddly, you'll first want to confirm you're also working with local project files and you may want to conduct a repair of Storyline.