third party registration tools

May 02, 2017

Dear user community,

I'm looking for ways to allow/enforce users of the articulate storyline 360 modules I built (and am planning to publish online outside of a LMS environment) to enter some registration information before engaging with them. Are there any ways of going about this through the use of Storyline 360? If so, how? And if not, what tools would you recommend to build these type of structures and store this type of information?

Grateful for any advice.

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Brian Dennis

If you're looking to record some information they've entered, several great (advanced) examples have been posted in these forums using Google Sheets. If you're looking to prevent access to your content, that's a bit more complex. Scripting is one way, though you'd be smart to test any solution on the mobile players before you go too far down the script path. Good luck

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