This is worth sharing (show/hide closed captioning, word bubbles)

I had no idea that you could use a "when timeline starts" trigger on individual objects within a timeline to control events. Basically, their "timeline" starts once they appear onstage/offstage. This allows you to create "events" that trigger at specific points on the timeline. This was particularly helpful to me because I wanted to give users the option of showing/hiding word bubbles in a project.

If anyone wants to see the concept, here's the published version doing what I wanted it to:


I'm attaching the SL file, too. There are some crazy caveats to doing it this way. 

  1. I had to use a "pause media" trigger on the slide object and then use a "play media" trigger on an object at .25 seconds in to get the rest of the triggers to work. If I didn't do it that way, the timeline just stopped playing when I got to my first "marker."
  2. All of my "markers" are off-stage. I guess that's the best way to create "events" that trigger at specific points on the timeline. If anyone knows better, I'm all ears.
  3. I used a variable (named "Counter") to keep track of what caption corresponds to the point of the timeline that's playing. That way I could make the appropriate caption visible again.

Good luck if anyone tries to use this in the future. I'm not sure that I'm going to use it because of all the triggers involved. I did finally get it working, though, and that feels good. 

My big takeaway was the ability to create these "markers" (I know, I know...the concept of "markers" already exists in SL in a different capacity).

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