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Myriam Simard


Your countdown was really amazing but I found another way to set my questions to 10 seconds.

I set the slide duration to 10 seconds and then added a player trigger saying "Show layer TIME OUT when timeline ends". On my layer TIME OUT there is a message saying that the 10 seconds are over and a "next question" button to go to the next question.

The student does not need to see the countdown and know they have 10 seconds to answer each question of the first section so it was easier for me to set it this way.

Thanks again for your help! I am sure the countdown will be really useful to me on another project.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ari,

I wanted to reply, since it looks like Miriam's post was over a year ago, and I'm not sure she subscribes to the thread. I would assume it does record it as incorrect in the scoring. To do any different would likely involve setting up some variables as to how it should be reported if timed out. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

So, thought I'd follow up with a "real world" test. I created a 2-question T/F test and used Myriam's "time's up" layer. I waited ten seconds and didn't answer the question - answered the 2nd question correctly, and got a score of 50%.

So, yes this works, BUT I have another comment. The built-in Submit button is still active on the "time's up" layer as are the T/F option buttons. At least that was my experience.

So, I'd say that in order for this to work so Learners canNOT answer after the time is up you'd have to:


  • Create your own submit button
  • Copy the Submit interaction trigger from the trigger panel onto that button
  • Delete the original trigger


  • Hide the Base Layer newly created submit button
  • Either hide the True/False answers OR
  • Place a shape over the option buttons. This could be a transparent shape if you'd like. This way Learners can't click to answer.

That's what I found, in any case! Back to work. Ciao!