timeline control in story content

Dear Community,

I want to create my own control functions in the story area. Purpose is to win space by disabling the defaults seek bar and prev,next buttons.

I was trying to solve it:


Please see the view scene/2nd slide. Actually I would only need to pause at some points where explanations appear and a confirm button from the user that would resume my timeline.

This I could add, but whenever I revisit the page it would not appear again, thus unable to view the content again.

Any idea? Or perhaps a pre-built project that I could use?

Thanks very much,


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Prashant Patil

HI Attila,

You can try to set the Slide/layer settings set to initial state this might solve your problem i am not very sure of that, or you can just attach your story file so that i can understand what exactly happening because its really difficult to understand what's wrong with your file??