Timeline duration doesn't match in storyline and in preview

Oct 26, 2017

** Edit: There was a variable saying to pause timeline at cuepoint 5, the cue point was way past the end of my timeline and caused the bug. I deleted the cuepoint and the variable. It works now. **


I have a slide for wich the duration of the base layer is 20 seconds. But when I preview in storyline or in Review, the timeline is way longer... if somebody had this problem and found a workaround, it would be really helpful.

I attached the file so you can see the problem.

Thank you!

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Walt Hamilton

Each layer also has a timeline, and the layers are part of the slide, so your slide has a true timeline of about 80 seconds. If you set each layer to pause the timeline of the base layer, then you can see the seekbar moving for each layer individually. Since you don't, all the timelines are added into one long seekbar.

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