Timeline issue - Jumping from Slide Layer to Base Layer

Nov 18, 2021

Dear Supporters,

To reduce the number of entries in the Player Menu (without manual adjustment), we decided to make use of the Slide Layers. Additional "if statements" in the Player-Triggers should take care of the jump destinations.

The problem is here: "Springe zu Zeitpunkt 9s auf diese Folie, Wenn MyTimer=Wert 7, Zeitachse abspielen"
It does jump, but not directly to 9 seconds into the base layer. It ends up in the beginning of the slide and somehow resets MyTimer to 5 ("MyTimer auf den Wert 5 setzen"). Hence, the base layer starts playing AND the slide layer "Step:1 - 8 Pos 1R - Detailed description" starts also.

My work around for now: I inserted a trigger at 9.25s to get rid of that slide layer. But this should not be necessary, if things would be working as "I" expect.

The properties of the base layer are:
Folienfortschritte: Durch Benutzer
Bei erneutem Aufrufen: Automatisch entscheiden / Zu gespeichertem Zustand (same reaction for both settings)


What am I missing?

Best regards


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Walt Hamilton

You don’t “return” to the base from a layer; the layer is part of the base. It just overlays the base, and (possibly) stops the base timeline. When you are through with the layer, Hide it, and the base timeline resumes.

Your trigger jumps to the slide, and it starts over.

A better idea is to hide the layer.


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I do understand that the slide layers are all overlays of the base layer. These can be either single (by hiding all  others on opening) or multiple (by leaving that tick empty).

Trouble is: The Player-triggers are all part of the base layer (player-triggers are not available on the slide layers). Hence, I am not at all "returning" to the base layer, since the trigger is already from there. I just want to re-position myself within that timeline. And that does not work. At times I even have the problem, that the repositioning with the continue option does not result in the correct result. I have to then reposition myself and then trigger the continuation of the timeline separately. Exteremely weird! As if the "jump" comes after the "continue timeline", which is against the description of the command.

Walt Hamilton

Set the layer to pause the base timeline, and to hide itself when its timeline ends. (Both in the layer properties.) The hiding of the layer automatically continues the base timeline from where it was. You will have to reposition yourself only if you allow the timeline to move while you are gone, or if your jump to the slide, which resets the timeline. I believe that since a slide’s condition is recorded when it is left, if you jump from a slide to itself, it resets, having bypassed the opportunity to saved its condition.

If you want the layer to hide on a learner action, instead of after a set time, give the layer a short timeline, pause it about .1 - .25 sec before the end. When the learner takes the action, use it to trigger a resume timeline of this layer.