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Lauren Connelly

Hi Chrissie!

I'm happy to help determine a fix! Would you mind providing more details on when this issue occurs?

The original error in this discussion was that the Play/Pause on the timeline was greyed out. Are you seeing this as well?

If so, here are a few troubleshooting questions to get us started:

  • Are you seeing this in Slide View or Preview?
  • Is this on every slide or just certain slides?
  • Which version of Storyline are you using?

Lastly, we have two options if you'd like to share your file with us for quicker troubleshooting. You can either attach it to this discussion using the Add Attachment button or upload it by using this private link. Either way, we'll test the file and update you on our findings!

Chrissie Frank

Hi Lauren:

My apologies for the delayed response to this. Thank you for getting back to me. 

I am seeing the issue in Slide View and it is generally on random slides, not every slide. I am currently working in Storyline 360.

I was able to complete the lesson that this was most recently occurring in. It is a sporadic event, sometimes working and then not working on the same slide(s). The next time I run into this issue I will certainly share the file here.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Richard, 

Thank you for reaching out! 

I am glad to see that restarting the program helped! Have you continued to encounter this snag with your projects recently? If so, please reach out and let us know. You are always welcome to use this private link to share any files or details about this problem as well. 

Dave Cox

I'm experiencing this issue as well. The play and stop buttons on the timeline will become grayed out, and I cannot play the timeline. Sometimes changing slide and coming back to the original slide will clear the problem. Other times, I have to close and restart the Storyline application. Sometimes I can play the slide only once, and then the buttons gray out, and stay that way. There doesn't seem to be any pattern that I can determine. But it makes it really difficult to work on my project when I can't check and edit my timings on the slide.



Vincent Scoma

Hi Dave,

I'm happy to help here! 

A few questions for you on this issue:

  • How often does this issue seem to happen? Does this issue happen frequently? 
  • Is there a file that you could share to help troubleshoot this issue? 

In the meantime, it may help to run a repair of Storyline to see if that rectifies the issue. If you do have a file that you can share, you’re always welcome to share them privately here. We'll let you know our findings and will delete it after having a closer look!