Timeline seems to restart only on second revisit

Apr 23, 2018

Hi guys,

I'm encountering a weird issue with the slide I use for the navigation through my course...

My course starts with a scene containing a single slide with links to six different scenes. The user needs to walk through these scenes in order. To accomplish this I use variables (true/false) to keep track of whether a user finished a particular part. When they have finished a part a checkmark shows completion and the button to the next part should show. The users see a blinking arrow which signals them to click on it, which I made using these steps: VIDEO: Create a blinking object in Articulate Storyline with only a few triggers.

However this only seems to work on every second revisit. The button for part 1 blinks on startup and but the button for part 2 doesn't show after completing part 1.

After completion of part 1 the variable "part1_done" gets the value True, which I checked with the reference %part1_done% in a textbox. Moreover, the arrow for part 2 shows up blinking when I change the default of part1_done to True (which I used to avoid having to walk through the whole scene when testing). But then the same happens for the button to part 3, it doesn't show after completing part 2.

The blinking is triggered by a change of the variable blink when the timeline starts. It appears this trigger which toggles the blink value is ignored the first time I revisit the navigation slide. To test this I added a button with the same trigger as the one that should be fired when the timeline starts. When I press this button the arrow appears and when I return to the navigation slide after completing the next part the arrows is shown. Then on the second revisit the arrow for the next part fails to show again. When I set variable "part1_done" to a default value of True the same series of events takes place but then for different buttons so the logic should be alright and the problems seems to lie in the firing of the trigger. Of course I tested with putting the triggers in front of the queue and behind, which gave the same results.

I added a stripped version of my course so you can see what happens. I hope this all makes sense...

Thanks :)





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Conor Striegel

Thanks, Philipp! That works :)

Now I see what was going wrong. Every time I revisited the navigation slide the boolean value was toggled which lead it to only being 'true' on every second revisit... I do feel a tad bit stupid now :(

I tried solving this by setting the variable to true when the timeline starts but somehow this didn't activate the blink trigger. But your solution did the trick, so I can go ahead with building the rest of my course :)

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