Timing based on user's action

Jan 23, 2019

 I am creating a slide, and due to security requirements, cannot share the source file.

On this slide, I have a slider which is shown on top of a pressure gauge. Also, there is a representation of a system flow path showing that system's components. The system is designed to perform certain automatic actions should the system pressure reach a defined set point.

The user will turn the dial, which represent system pressure. When the system reaches the defined setpoint, the states of the components on the system flow path will change. (Think "open to close" or "off to on"). These actions occur in sequence, so I don't want the state change for every component to happen as soon as the user turns the dial to the defined set point. Is there a way to have the states occur in sequence, to accurately show what actually occurs, and allow the user time to see the changes.  (Because I am having the user start the process, I cannot set these events to occur on the timeline.)

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