Timing of Paragraph Animations Not Maintained When Importing PowerPoint Slides

Jan 27, 2020


A couple of months ago, I imported PowerPoint slides into a new Articulate Storyline file.

In PowerPoint, the slides had text boxes with an entrance animation and each paragraph had its own timing, i.e. the first paragraph came in after 1 second, the second paragraph after 4 seconds, and so on.

After importing the slides into Articulate Storyline, the text box was converted into a group of text boxes with the same timing as in PowerPoint.

Now, when I import the same slides, those text boxes convert into a single text box with no timing.

I would really want to avoid retiming everything.

Does anyone know why this happening?


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Donna!

You will find small inconsistencies with animations that are imported from PowerPoint to Storyline 360. Most of the animations are supported in Storyline 360 but there are a few that we recommend building in Storyline for a more seamless transition. We've listed our tips on importing Powerpoint slides to Storyline 360 here.

If you are still seeing issues with supported animations, I'm happy to help! We can start by taking a look at the Articulate Package to see test the PowerPoint file. 

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