Timing of Text Builds with Narration

Apr 22, 2013


How do I time my text builds?  I need to have my bullet points builds at different times due to the ampunt of narration for each bullet point. I only see the animation timimg options of "Very Slow, slow, etc".  I don't see options for text builds from clicks like in PowerPoint, is there a similiar feature in Storyline? 

How do I have the buttlet points appear when I want them to appear?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Brian. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Do you want to have the bullet lists display when clicked, or at a certain time? You can have separate text entries for each item appear at specific points on the timeline, if you'd like. You could create cue points with the audio, so you can line them up easily and then arrange them.

If you're wanting them to show up with an action, such as a button click, you could set the initial state to "Hidden" for the text box and then trigger that state to change to "Normal" when the user clicks on whatever object you'd like them to use.

Can you share a little more information on how you'd like the bullets to appear?



Phil Mayor

Brian Hannon said:

Thanks for the quick reply. 

You answered my question: I need to have each bullet be a seperate text box, so I can time them to my narration.



Under animation choose animate by paragraph no need to split into separate boxes, then in the timeline you can see the individual bullets and animate those by dragging on the timeline

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