Tin Can package: complete status not passed to LMS if learner skips a quiz

Apr 02, 2015


I have a branched course with several quizzes. I am using a final results slide to sum the branched quizzes and pass a complete to the LMS. This results slide is set to sum and average most of the quizzes in the course and send a complete with pass message to the LMS if the score is > or = 80%.

However, I have found a weird case where I can't get a complete message to pass to the LMS. If a user does not take one of the quizzes included in the final results slide set, essentially skipping a quiz and therefore receiving a zero on the skipped quiz, the course is never marked as complete in the LMS. 

I would instead expect a FAILED COMPLETE to pass to the LMS if the score was less than 80%. In theory, based on the current SL2 settings, the learner should be able to skip one or all of the quizzes (with a score of 0 for the skipped quiz(es)) resulting in an average score of less than 80% and a FAILED COMPLETE status. 

Am I missing something here? Is this expected behavior, or have I uncovered a bug? Does a learner HAVE to take all of the child quizzes summed and averaged in a parent results slide in order to complete the course? Please see attached. The results slide is set to 2.2

If I am a student in a class and don't show up on a given test day, I should expect to get a zero for that test. This is my logic when thinking about this special case.

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