To Hide the Menu

Apr 02, 2013

I searched along the forums and got no answer for theis. Can the menu be momentarily hidden? I ask this with the porpouse of having some more room for objects on each slide, so may be the learner could access the menu just when is needed to.

Can be done?

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Stacie Linn

I am very curious about how to enlarge the stage and hide the menu and vice versa. I know it can be done because I am reviewing someone's course they created in storyline 2 on my iPad. When I zoom (take two closed fingers and separate) the stage enlarges to fill iPad screen with only the stage and hides the menu. When I pinch screen it goes back to menu and stage. So exciting! When I asked how the developer how they did this or enabled it... They were clueless and did not know it did that. I really need this feature. Can someone please tell me how to enable this? Thank you- Stacie

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