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Wendy Farmer
Jennifer Sim

I have a toggle variable used for a closed caption feature on my video. The variable shows CC when clicked and hides when clicked again. The problem I am having is that if the user touches the seek bar to advance the video, the closed caption toggles off. 

Hi Jennifer

the sample you uploaded doesn't have the seekbar/video controls enabled - do you mean the slide seekbar or you have added video controls below the video from the options tab in Storyline?

Jennifer Sim

I added the seek bar to the slide.

Click CC to get the captions running. Then if you click on the seek bar, the CC toggles. I am not sure why it would do that other than the caption variable is time sensitive? But the CC button is what is being identified for the toggle, so it doesn't make entire sense why it would behave this way.

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sharing your file, Jennifer! 

There seems to be an issue with "Change state of an object to Hidden when the timeline starts" trigger, and advancing the seekbar. 

To get around it, I made two changes to your file. 

  1. I deleted this trigger:  Change state of Textbox 7 to Hidden when the timeline starts on Button 1.
  2. I set the initial state of Textbox 7 to hidden (no trigger needed!)


Have a look at the changes I made in your file--I hope that helps!

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